Finally Getting Clear – Music Career Rocketfuel – Nashville, TN – 03/02/12 – Indie Connect Workshop

Finally Getting Clear - Music Career Rocketfuel
Friday, March 2, 2012
12:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
Ste. 108
2720 Old Lebanon Rd.
Nashville, TN
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Managing everything to do with an indie music career can be very overwhelming. Often we get bogged down in so much day-to-day “stuff” that we lose track of the bigger picture. If this situation goes on long enough, we can begin to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and/or trapped at our current level. That’s when it’s time to step back, take a breath, and reassess.

The purpose of this 2 hour workshop is to give you some time to do just that, as well as tools that you can refer to anytime you need them – to get back on track, refocus – or simply find ways to get to your next level faster. Clarity brings valuable confidence that keeps you from wasting time.

We will go through exercises that will help define and clarify your vision, tune in your ideal career path and lifestyle (and whether the two are at odds), your ideal fan and perfect venues.

You will come away with –

* A stronger idea of your uniqueness and purpose as an artist, which
will translate into more confidence in everything you do

* Ways to communicate this uniqueness onstage and off so that you
are connecting with your audience, creating loyal fans, and staying top
of peoples' minds

* A great filter strategy to decide which opportunities are good and
which you can pass on at the moment to eliminate overwhelm

* A new perspective and motivation to help you with your next career

About Leanne Regalla:

Leanne Regalla is a performing songwriter with a fun and different approach to life and music. Ms. Regalla is also a musical entrepreneur – she has owned and managed a teaching and performance studio since 2004. In 2009, she stepped back a bit from her demanding business and lesson schedule in order to focus on her solo career. The shift in priorities has served her well – helping to get her music and teaching out to the world in a bigger way.

Last year, Leanne released her first original CD, "Reluctant Rockstar". Her original music also appears on a complilation of worldwide artists called, "Under The Same Sky" (2008).

Leanne helps fellow artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, and aspiring musicians of all ages to achieve their goals and to constantly learn and grow – on both career and personal levels. She recently launched a new online instructional site called Livin’ Out Loud Music ( She owns Amazing Cool Music Place, a teaching studio near Pittsburgh, PA, where she teaches guitar, songwriting, and performance. Leanne is also the first teacher in the PA area to offer Live Music Producer Tom Jackson’s “All Roads Lead to the Stage” curriculum.

Ms. Regalla is a proud Pro Faculty Member of Indie Connect.

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