What They’re Sayin’…

Camera shy happy customer!

I’m an adult student, self-taught with no previous professional instruction.

After not playing for many years, I wanted to rediscover the guitar and expand on my basic skills, but had no idea how to accomplish that.

Lessons with Leanne was the answer! Leanne teaches me new techniques and skills that have made me excited about playing again. She chooses music that I enjoy and look forward to practicing.

Leanne is a kind and patient teacher; I look forward to each new lesson!
Katie, Moon Township, PA

Camera shy happy customer!

Leanne was recommended to me from The Guitar Center in Robinson Twp. I was told of Leanne’s specialty in teaching children. This was perfect for my situation as my 8 y/o daughter was going to be the student.My daughter has on a daily basis become even more outgoing and musical. There isn’t a day that she doesn’t sing or listen to music or practice her guitar.As a father, I enjoy seeing Leanne’s patience, wonderful demeanor, her pleasant disposition and honest caring for her students and their musical growth.Seeing my daughter improve and grow these last 8 months of playing guitar with Leanne has inspired me to buy a guitar and learn so I can play along with my child…For all these reasons, having your child study and learn under Leanne is worth every penny of her extremely reasonably fees. – Vic Cushanick, President/Firearms Instructor, Pittsburgh, PA.

Don P’s Biggest Fan Petunia

Deciding to take music lessons from Leanne was the best decision I have made in quite some time. I have always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, particularly the banjo as I like its sound. Realizing this was a big step for a musically challenged person in late middle age, she suggested the ukulele, and when I got comfortable with the instrument, only then she allowed me to get my banjo.Leanne is absolutely the most kind and patient person I have ever known. As bad as I may have sounded, she kept smiling and kept encouraging. A talented singer, songwriter and performer, you always want to do your best for her. Anything less and you felt you had disappointed her. Not only was she an instructor, she also became a friend and confidant.A changed work assignment, then loss of my job has kept me from continuing my lessons with Leanne. I now live in another state; therefore Skype may become an option. As soon as I get a bit more settled in my new environment, I plan to pursue my lessons with Leanne again. I feel anyone that wants to pursue learning to play a musical instrument would miss a great life experience by not sitting down with Leanne for a few lessons. She truly has the gift of teaching which we should all enjoy. – Don Patton, Hillbilly Entrepreneur, Knoxville, TN.

We have no hesitations about recommending you.Teddy is a much stronger player than he was previously. His confidence improves weekly. We feel you know exactly what his capabilities are; you set high standards; you’re very good at accommodating the guitar itself as well as the music. Teddy has definitely benefited from the structure and lessons have given him an opportunity to explore music and the arts. Thanks for being flexible if something comes up or changes with our schedule.You are a very kind, compassionate, and fair teacher. We are blessed to have found you. – Lisa Tolliver, Moon Township, PA

Donna Zitzelberger

There is one word that describes Leanne Regalla:  INSPIRING. She is a fabulous teacher, performer, and songwriter. She has an amazing skill to take what she has learned and utilized; then immediately turn around and teach it to others.Leanne constantly strives to forge new ground in the world of music and continually seeks out the best environments for professional growth.  Her expertise in performance coaching has been of great help to me in working with my own students when they suffer from performance anxiety.Her students and audiences are very lucky people; and I am very blessed to call her friend and colleague.  – Donna Zitzelberger, Guitar Instructor, Thousand Oaks CA.


Leanne Regalla has been teaching my daughter, Emma, for the last 2 ½ years. I’ve found Leanne to be patient and kind. Her encouraging teaching style is the perfect match for Emma. Leanne easily adapts to Emma’s interests and continues to expose her to new opportunities to learn. They have developed a special relationship over the years. When Emma writes a new song or perfects a difficult strum she can’t wait until her next lesson to show Leanne.Guitar has become an important part of Emma’s life and we are so thankful to have Leanne and Amazing Cool Music. – Deanna Grubb, Sewickley, PA.


I had tried other teachers but none were able to combine guitar instruction with voice instruction to get me where I want to be (a performer).I know more songs than I ever did after only a few months of studying with you. And you have made a number of suggestions about playing the guitar that professionals know but no one ever showed me before.I like the relaxed atmosphere of your lessons. You are always upbeat, never critical. I never feel pressured or reluctant to try new things in front of you.I’d absolutely recommend you, for all the reasons above. I enjoy playing the guitar now more than ever. I’m looking forward to the continued progress I know I’ll make. – Craig Mallick, Attorney, Pittsburgh, PA.


I was hesitant about switching from my old instructor, but you ended up even better than the last one (and you smell nicer too!)I have noticed my playing has gotten much better, and I have a better understanding of music and musicians. I like that I can ask to learn any song, and you will find it and help me learn it. I have gotten much more confident in my guitar playing and I look forward to my guitar lessons every other week. I would recommend you because you explain things so they make sense, you are patient, and teach theory as well as songs. I’m glad you are my teacher because you are patient and helped me become more confident in my guitar playing so now I play louder and I am more comfortable playing in front of people.  Heather Clarke., Student, Crescent, PA.


I had hesitations about being 30 years old and just starting to take lessons. I liked that you told me that you love teaching adults and that you yourself started playing when you were 30. That really made me approach it with ease, especially after seeing how you totally rock having learned as an adult yourself! Playing guitar is something I had wanted to do for many years and never made time for because of work.  Now I see the balance that art brings to life.  Music, and in my case in particular, guitar playing, nurtures my soul the way work feeds my brain. I like your approach of combining theory and technique with application.  It makes the learning process more enjoyable and helps me nail the techniques as I learn fun songs to show off :)It’s been very satisfying to me to reach this long-term goal. I enjoy it so much that I know that although I may take lessons on and off due to work related travel, I will never give it up.Heck yeah I recommend you! You are a very thorough teacher, you have a talent of giving your students the tools and a process to learn and achieve what they want.  This applies well to the performance workshops where the focus is – if others can do it, so can you!  Letting us know that we can learn the skills and tricks and that it is not just something that some lucky folks are born with.You rock! – Haydee Luciano, Program Manager, Moon Township, PA.

David Sykut

Oh as if you need to bribe me. I know what a good reference means to a teacher. And besides, I owe you. You’ve got me enjoying guitar and feeling like I’m getting somewhere with my playing…after quite a few years of frustration.  – David R. Sykut, General Manager, Brighton Heights, PA.


I have been taking lessons from Leanne for over 2 years. As an adult student, I decided to fulfill my interest in music by learning to play the guitar… Learning guitar was a wonderful change of pace for me. Le is willing to work with you to meet your musical goals. Whether it be reading music, performing, or just acquiring the knowledge to play a few songs – you will learn! – Jessica Cooper, Teacher/Reading Specialist, Moon Township, PA.

My experience with a previous teacher was fair.  The teacher was more interested in teaching me the theory and individual notes. I took lessons from her for about 3-4 months and never got anywhere.  I couldn’t play anything nor could I understand any kind of rhythm. She never “practiced” with me and that was a huge issue…I now can play a few simple songs and understand different rhythm patterns.  You have always given me good advice on how to improve my problem areas… My experience with your lessons has been very positive… I have a good foundation to go by now to improve greatly.Ginny Hetrick, Slippery Rock, PA.


It is a pleasure to watch how Leanne is able to bring light to her guitar students. Somewhere in their learning of technique and theory the students play through the entire song – not just the various notes and phrases. She crafts her lessons to take her students to the specific goals the student has in mind in methods of performance, better understanding of their music, and effective technique. The final result is a student who has the passion and skills to perform from their very first lesson.” – Bob Banerjee, Musician and Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA.