Leanne Featured in “49 Female Music Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice (Part 2)”

I’m very pleased and proud to be included in this list of amazing female music entrepreneurs from Ariel Hyatt of CyberPR. Ariel is a recognized thought leader in the digital PR world. She’s the founder of a successful PR firm, an international speaker, educator, and author of three books on social media and marketing for artists.
Ariel noticed that much of the press around music entrepreneurship left out the ladies, so she decided to do something about it. She’s now compiled a list of 101 music business women to follow.

This is important stuff, especially for my students and the parents of students who want to build real careers in music.
Be sure to check out all the stories for inspiration,hard-won experience and these women’s best advice.

49 Female Music Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Advice (Part 2)

Guitar and Ukulele Classes Enrolling Now For January!

Start from scratch as a beginner or knock the rust off your playing.

Learn real skills, quickly using your favorite songs in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Old and new tunes from artists like Sublime, Van Morrison, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Poison, Smashing Pumpkins, Snow Patrol, Pearl Jam, Elton John, Journey, Garth Brooks, Bill Withers, and many more. Private lessons also available, all styles.FlyerGraphic_FlikrCC_hyphenmatt

Ukulele for Kids
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  • Payment in full is due upon acceptance of your registration. Sorry, no refunds can be given after the first day of class.

Your instructor – Leanne Regalla is a songwriter with over 12 years’ teaching experience. She makes learning fun, low pressure, and VERY effective.

Read what other students are saying here - www.livinoutloudmusic.com/testimonials


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We also offer private lessons in guitar, bass, piano, voice, drums, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, songwriting, recording, and more…

Stop Dreaming – Start Playing Today!

Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons – hyphenmatt

Leanne’s “Just Ducky” Music Video Featured in the Sewickley Herald

Many thanks to Joanne Barron at the Sewickley Herald for the nice writeup on my latest music video!

And also to former guitar student Emma Grubb for contributing.

You can check out the entire article here -


Songwriter Celebrates 40-Foot Rubber Duck With Music Video

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Songwriter Celebrates 40-Foot Rubber Duck With Music Video

40-foot rubber duck that visited Pittburgh, Sep-Oct 2013

40-foot rubber duck that visited Pittburgh, Sep-Oct 2013

Love, heartbreak, summertime, and partying are all pretty standard songwriting fodder. But a song about a duck?

“I have an interesting approach to songwriting. I just think a little differently,” says local musician and teacher Leanne Regalla.

She wrote “I’m Just Ducky” in 2012 as a lighthearted tune about letting troubles just roll off you, like water rolls off ducks.

“I started writing songs for my second CD. People really liked ‘Ducky’ so I recorded it first, with plans to release it as a single as I finished up the rest of the album.”

Then the rubber duck came to Pittsburgh.

“I actually didn’t put two and two together at first. My mom suggested that my song could be the theme song for the giant Pittsburgh rubber duck. I mentioned the idea to another musician friend and he said, ‘do it!’ ”

Leanne decided to produce a video so that she could make it a gift to the city. She began asking for pictures of people with the giant duck and within a few days had well over 80 photos submitted. Local magician David Lawrence offered to provide clips of magic tricks using a rubber duck. “It really just fell together,” said Leanne.

Leanne contributes ukulele, guitar, and vocals to the single. She is accompanied by Andy Taravella on drums and Gary Ripper on bass. The audio was recorded by Dave Granati at Dave World Studios in Ambridge.

The video was released on October 15, is getting great response, and already has almost 800 views. You can see it for yourself here. “I’m Just Ducky” Pittsburgh Rubber Duck video Leanne Regalla -http://youtu.be/4ek4gJSwkgU

The duck will be floating in Pittsburgh rivers until October 20.

Saturday Song Emergencies – All In A Day’s Work (If You’re A Guitar Teacher, That Is)

Got this video text from one of my guitar student’s moms. Teddy was jamming at home, getting ready to play for his great-grandmother who is turning 94 today.

I sent her an easy tab version of “Happy Birthday” so he could play it for her tonight.

When the Music’s Urgent


I get the occasional emergency call from students during off-hours. “I’m at my friend’s house, how do I play this song?” “I forget this riff, how does it go?” And, of course, “I have a party tonight – how to I play ‘Happy Birthday’?”

As long as I have the time to answer, I do. Because these musical moments are an important, memorable part of life – and really, to me – what music’s all about.

Happy weekend, all. Pick up that guitar, uke, or banjo and sing with someone!

The Tears of an Onstage Clown – and How to Turn them Around

by  Backstage: Music Row Greenroom: Leave a Comment

[This post appears in the Backstage member's area at Live Music Producer Tom Jackson's Onstage Success. www.onstagesuccess.com. If you'd like to read the full article, email me at Leanne [at] LivinOutLoudMusic.com and I can send you a coupon for a free one-month Backstage Pass.]

Have you ever told a joke you thought was absolutely hysterical, just to have it fall completely flat? Or been misunderstood – people think you’re serious when you’re really not? Maybe a favorite band story is hit-or-miss depending on the night.

I think we’ve all been there – in real life and on stage. It can be a real downer if you let it get to you.

During Tom’s show flow Graph, there are times for no talking (intro moments for example), times for short song introductions, and times for longer stories.

When we rehearse talking to the audience, we should be working these things out. The right intro can really set up the next song/moment perfectly.

Also, some songs just need to be introduced. When everything is flying at the audience “like goulash,” they need some backstory to get onboard. As much as we’d like to believe the audience is feeling what we feel and “getting” what we’re saying, it often doesn’t happen that way.

Like many of you, I’m a songwriter. I’ve also been blessed with a somewhat unique sense of humor.  ;-) My outlook comes through in my writing and stage show. But humor can be dangerous ground – it is easily misunderstood. Language, culture, backgrounds, poor sound quality, distractions – all kinds of things can complicate communication. That’s why I spend a lot of time working on my song intros for my originals, and getting my listeners on the same page. My work with Tom and his team have really helped with that.

But a couple of months ago I got burned by an assumption I didn’t even realize I was making….

- Read More Here!

Photo courtesy of Larry Darling on Flickr

Leanne Regalla and The Lost Marbles Play Nationality Days

May 18 was the first gig with my new band, Leanne Regalla and The Lost Marbles. We played at the 48th Annual Ambridge Nationality Days. It was a beautiful, hot spring day and the place was rockin’! We had an absolute blast, as did all our old and new friends who came out.






Our set list included several new songs from the upcoming second CD, favorites from Reluctant Rockstar, and some fun and danceable covers. 






Many many thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to Dave Neely and Miguel Luciano for their great photos and Haydee Luciano for her dedicated video taping.






The band is excited about bringing you more great music in the days to come. Stay tuned!


Kids’ Campfire Songs Summer Camps – Guitar and Ukulele, June 24-27

Wondering what to do with the kiddies this summer? Sign them up for Kids’ Campfire Songs Camp!

The guitar camp will run June 24-27 from 10 – 11:45 AM.

Ukulele camp is offered the same week from 1-2:45 PM.

All the details are here in the flier – teens and adults, we gotcha covered also, with a 4-week class on Wednesday evenings.

See you there!

2013 Guitar Uke Camps Classes Flier

Kids, Teens, and Adult Summer Campfire Songs Programs for Guitar and Ukulele

Thanks From The 48th Annual Ambridge Nationality Days!

This year I had the privilege of working as the head of the Entertainment Committee for Ambridge Nationality Days.

Nationality Days is a local tradition, a celebration of our area’s history and diverse cultures. It’s the biggest festival in Beaver County, attracting between 40,000-50,000 people during the third weekend in May.

The festival means 3 days of sausage sandwiches, shish kabob, lemonade, nut roll, pierogies, baklava – and gyros!

And then there’s the ethnic dancing, martial arts, crafts, children’s games, and music – LOTS of music.  All weekend long.

I want to thank Debbie and Jim Tobin, who served on the committee along with me, as well as Jenifer Watkins, Director of the Ambridge Area Chamber of Commerce. We had very little time to pull this together, yet we got a great deal of work done in a very short time – and everyone was an absolute pleasure to work with!

I also want to thank the many bands and performance groups who donated their time and talents to help us grow Nationality Days to 2 full stages for the entire 3 days. We got many, many compliments on the level of talent and professionalism displayed by the entertainers. Feedback was fantastic.

I’m especially grateful to Ray Leech of III Software for his donation toward a stipend to offset the performers’ expenses, as well as well as to Gold Level sponsor Haydee Luciano. We raised enough money to give each group approx. $100.

Our goal was to set the stage for amazing celebrations for the 49th and 50th anniversaries of Nationality Days. Thanks to the performers, my fellow committee members, and our sponsors, I’d say we are off to a great start!

Beaver County rocks and so do YOU!

2013 Nationality Days Performance Schedule

2013 Nationality Days Performance Schedule

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12 Most Ridiculous Pieces of Advice People Give Artists, Musicians, and Other Creatives

Posted by + on May 2, 2013 in BlogBranding & DesignCreativity & InnovationMedia | 8 comments


I’m sure you’ve been there. The handshake, the compliment, then the friendly advice. “You should do…”

Every writer, photographer, designer, dancer, musician and artist gets unsolicited advice almost daily from family and friends who mean well but who are, well, clueless about what it takes to make great art or to make a living from it.

Here’s one piece of advice you can take to the bank: Smile and nod, but don’t take it to heart.

I did an informal survey of about 30 artists and musicians to find out the worst advice they had ever received — to help you identify the red flags and know when to stick to your game plan.

1. “Get a real job/keep your real job”

This was the number one response. There is a common misperception in our society that creating something from nothing isn’t legitimate work. Look — you invest time, money and effort to hone your craft to the point that people connect and are excited about it. You have to learn marketing, management, accounting, finance and probably a dozen other skills. Art is entrepreneurship and it will almost definitely use more of your potential — and be more rewarding — than any desk job ever could.

2. “You should be more like (famous person)/everyone else”

This was the second most common response. The problem is, famous artists have “done” themselves already. They became popular by being unique and memorable, not by being copies of someone who came before. By the same token, following the crowd isn’t a good formula for standing out either. Each of us starts somewhere different and we all have to make our own way, not just blindly follow the mainstream.

3. “You don’t have what it takes”

This one’s harsh and painful. People as successful as Abraham Lincoln, Steven Spielberg, Fred Astaire, Beethoven, Bill Gates, and Stephen King have had ideas rejected and mocked, or been told that they were stupid or lacked talent. Fortunately, we can always improve our skills through hard work and one person’s judgment isn’t shared by everyone on the planet.

4. “Just do it — you don’t need training or preparation, you don’t need a team — learn by doing”

You will learn by doing. The problem is that this approach takes a long time, there are no guarantees of success, and you will learn bad habits as well as good ones. Experience is definitely a teacher, but it is not your only teacher or necessarily even the best one. You do have to do it, there’s no doubt. But do yourself a favor: lessen your learning curve with good mentors and partners.

To read this article in its entirety, visit 12 Most.

Leanne Regalla


Leanne Regalla is a blogger, musician, songwriter, and teacher who is on a mission to show creative people of all types how to pursue their art without going broke, living in their cars, or starving to death. I share strategies for building solid income streams as well as tips and tricks for marketing, social media, productivity, and prioritizing. I’ll help you get clear on your direction and stay focused on your most important work.

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